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Man dies after shooting in DeKalb nightclub - Atlanta Journal Constitution

A 26-year-old Decatur man has died from injuries sustained during a shooting at a DeKalb County nightclub early Sunday.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Terry Blount's death. Blount's mother questioned security at the club and told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sunday that her son died after being shot inside the Nite Lite Phaze 2 Lounge over an argument about a woman.

Efforts to reach DeKalb County police were unsuccessful.

"I'm angry. It's senseless," said Deborah Dorsey. "I'm still trying to figure out how a gun got in the club with security. Security must not be no good because a gun was in there. We need gun control. Too many young people have guns in their hands. If they don't like something they react. They shoot. You don't take somebody's life over no girl. It's not worth it."

Dorsey said she was told by relatives who were with her son at the club that the suspect walked up to Blount and shot him in the chest. Blount then ran outside the club at Custer and Moreland Avenues and collapsed. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he died around 5 a.m. The suspect apparently is still at large although witnesses, including a cousin of Blount and the woman at the center of the dispute, have identified the man, Dorsey said.

The incident happened just hours after Dorsey last spoke to her son. She said her son called her around 11 p.m. Saturday night to wish her a happy birthday. Dorsey turned 49 on Saturday. His last words to her: "I love you Mama."

Dorsey, who lives in Lithonia, was roused from her sleep around 4 a.m. Sunday by a call from officials at Grady Hospital telling her to come to the hospital. With the exception of the police asking for her phone number, the DeKalb police has not contacted her since, she said.

"They took a good person," Dorsey said of her middle child of three. "He'd do anything for anybody." She recalled frequently cautioning her son about the people he associated with telling him they weren't his friends. On Sunday, she said she has received numerous calls from family and friends who've told her about the kind things he's done. Just last week, he bought his godson a pair of shoes.

Efforts to reach DeKalb County police were unsuccessful.

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