martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Samsung continues Apple war with attack ad video, possible patent lawsuit -

On the heels of news that Samsung is about to file a lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone 5, the company has posted another video ad that makes fun of iPhone fans who wait for days in line for the next version of the Apple smartphone.

Released yesterday, the video entitled "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" definitely mocks Apple fans who are excited about the iPhone 5's larger screen, despite the Galaxy S III having an even bigger screen than the iPhone 5. Other points that hit home - the new iPhone 5 adapter ("yeah, but they make the coolest adapters!"), the lack of near-field-communications (a minor quibble with most consumers), and 4G LTE access ("we've had that for a while").

Since we're in the middle of an election season it seems appropriate that we'd get gadget attack ads, but seriously, folks, it's just a smartphone. I own an iPhone 4 and my wife owns a Samsung Galaxy S III, and we're getting along just fine. Apple, meanwhile, is laughing maniacally over in the corner, counting all of its money.

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