domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Mayor Bloomberg on Empire State Building Shooting - Jeffrey Johnson Killer

A disgruntled employee was shot and killed by police officers after he allegedly shot several people near the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan, officials said. The official said nine people suffered injuries related the shooting that unfolded around 9 am One person other than the gunman was declared dead at the scene, and another was taken to a hospital in a condition that was considered life threatening, the official said. Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are on the scene, in addition to NYPD officers, an FBI spokesman said in an email. According to one law enforcement official, the alleged shooter was an employee of a firm who appeared to be "disgruntled" after being recently fired. Friday's shooting comes on the heels of several other public shooting sprees, including one inside a Colorado movie theater last month and another at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin several weeks ago. Chris Watkins, 32, was waiting for his wife, who was completing an errand inside a nearby building, when he saw a man running through the crowd carrying a handgun and wearing a backpack. "He was shooting toward the crowd, not toward anyone in particular," said Mr. Watkins, who ran into a nearby Duane Reade. He later saw four people lying in the intersection of 34th St. and Fifth Ave. Jill Greenwood, an account supervisor at Prosek Partners in the Empire State Building, said she heard several gun shots beginning at 9:04 am Friday. In the minutes afterward, people inside the <b>...</b>
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