jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Mitt Romney attacks President Obama on 'bumps in the road'

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney pummeled President Barack Obama's handling of the economy and foreign policy at a modern-day version of the whistle-stop rally in Pueblo on Monday. Romney stepped straight off his campaign plane and onto a stage at the Pueblo airport to speak to a crowd of about 2000 people shortly before noon. He opened with criticism of Obama's comments to "60 Minutes," in which Obama called anti-American protests in the Middle East and North Africa — during which the American ambassador to Libya was killed — "bumps in the road." Romney said Obama has failed to lead during the chaos. "Bumps in the road?" Romney said. "We had an ambassador assassinated." "These are not bumps in the road. These are human lives. These are not developments we want to see. It is time for a president who will shape events in the Middle East." Romney, more energized than in his Sunday night floodlit rally at D'Evelyn junior and senior high school in Jefferson County, quickly pivoted to the economy. He criticized Obama's plans for economic recovery — "His plan is to do what he did the first four years." — while offering proposals to boost oil and natural gas production, empower small businesses, balance the federal budget and reform the tax code. Specifically, Romney pledged to eliminate taxes on dividends and capital gains for people making $200000 or less per year.
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