domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

SHOT DEAD Valeria Alvarado MOM BACK UP CAR border patrol gilbert chula vista shoot kill san diego

INNOCENT MOM SHOT TO DEATH BY CORRUPT LYING BORDER PATROL. HE WAS NOT ON THE CAR. SHE WAS ALREADY BACKING UP AND HE SHOT HER MANY TIMES ANYWAY. SAN DIEGO (CNS) autopsy was pending Saturday on a mother of five shot to death by a Border Patrol agent in Chula Vista Valeria Monique Alvarado 32 Southcrest, allegedly ran into a Border Patrol agent car and was fatally shot through windshield about 1 pm Friday on Moss Street near Oaklawn Avenue federal agents, Chula Vista police and broadcast reports Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott said the agent serve a warrant uniform agent was carried several hundred yards on the hood of the Honda Alvarado was driving opened fire, "fearing for his life," Scott said Alvarado family members told the UT San Diego the woman had five children, 3-17 years old Where's the evidence my wife threatened a trained officer? husband, Gilbert Alvarado I want justice newspaper Chula Vista police told the UT the Honda was going west closer to Broadway agent was struck Hector Salazar UT he was standing at his mailbox yell, "Stop! man on the hood of a two-door car, aiming a gun at the windshield. He said heard five shots Eduardo Comacho, 22, said he was walking on Woodlawn Avenue with a friend. He told the UT they heard about seven shots man in a red shirt, without a badge, holding his gun undercover officers joined him, pulling out their badges as they walked The lady was hanging out the door, barely moving," Comacho said. The agents checked her pulse <b>...</b>
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