domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

TEAR-GAS & stun grenades FIRED at PROTESTERS in VIOLENT RIOTS,POLICE shot DEAD 17 year old!

Bahrain police shoot 17-year-old protester dead in new wave of Shia unrest Police in Bahrain shot dead a teenage protester as fresh unrest swept the island kingdom 19 months after Shia protesters first took to the streets early in the Arab Spring. As so often in Bahrain, the circumstances surrounding the death of Ali Hussein al-Ni'ma were fiercely contested. Opposition activists said that the 17-year-old schoolboy died in the early hours of Saturday after police opened fire with buckshot on a peaceful demonstration in the Shia village of Sadad. "The teenager sustained severe injuries and was left to bleed to death in police custody," the Shia opposition party al-Wefaq claimed in a statement. But the interior ministry claimed that Ni'ma was part of a large group that attacked a police patrol with firebombs and iron bars, leaving officers no choice but to respond with force. "The police responded using only necessary and proportionate force to restore order," it said. The turmoil in Bahrain has been overshadowed by the much deadlier crisis in Syria, but in some ways the two countries are a mirror image of each other. Syria's uprising has been spearheaded by Sunnis seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite minority, an offshoot of Shia Islam. But in Bahrain it is the long-marginalised Shia majority that has turned on its Sunni rulers, the Al Khalifa royal family. The international reaction to the two uprisings, the only significant insurrections in the Arab <b>...</b>
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