viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

???? ???? ????? ???? x [Kaname ? Vivien] ::??????? ???g?? ??::

PLEASE WATCH IN 720p HD (If you wish of course!) lol I have not edited my vampire babies in a LONG time... and I don't know, the muse suddenly slapped me in the facexD LOL! I am extremely proud of this for some reason... this song was yelling at me to use it again (since I used it for an MEP) and it felt right for Kaname & Vivien. Might be extending this, might not... I don't know, but regardless, enjoy my loves! This centers around Kaname and his times as ruler of the undead, on his life as both a ruler, and a sinner. He breaks his own rules when Vivien comes into his life, and sadly drags her along the darkness. This also leads to Kaname's breakdown... STORYLINE: The battle between Kyrie (portrayed by Rido) and Kaname Kuran is the fight that would lead to the demise of most pureblood vampires, the end of the empire... and most importantly, the end of Kaname Kuran. Kyrie has always longed for the throne, he despised Kaname more than life itself... and when he finds out that Kaname has broken his own rule by involving himself romantically with a mortal, and drinking her blood, he does the impossible to bring him down among his own people, and with Vivien. He will rule... he will have it all. Nothing will stop him from taking what he considers "his". With Vivien's death, Kaname has no mercy with anyone, nothing matters to him anymore, and he will kill anyone in his way to make Kyrie pay for taking Vivien's life. To Be Continued... There is way more to this story. I have <b>...</b>
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