miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013


At yesterday's foreign policy discussion, some of the leading voices within the GOP said they supported US military intervention in Syria. At the same time, however, America's political elite is deciding on the behalf of the whole country's population to wage another war which now seems inevitable, To discuss US Foreign policy in Syria RT's Liz Wahl joins Cole Bockenfield of the Project on Middle East Democracy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As violence escalates in Syria, so do Republican attacks of the Obama administration's alleged passivity. No doubt we'll hear more such critiques this week from the podium in Tampa, where the GOP gathers to nominate Mitt Romney. Such hawkish views may resonate with the US public—but only to a point. As recent polling data makes clear, Americans are appalled by the depradations of the Assad regime and seek its removal from power. They support a variety of robust multilateral measures, including the imposition of tougher international sanctions, and the creation of safe havens to protect civilians. But they are not prepared to dispatch US troops to protect Syrian civilians, even as part of a broader coalition, much less to depose the regime. In addition, Americans support a no-fly zone in theory, though oppose bombing air defenses—a necessary component of establishing a no-fly zone. Indeed, Americans remain divided even when it comes to providing <b>...</b>
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