lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Minivan Driver Opens Fire On Police - 4 County Chase 1-95 Florida / Spike Sticks / Standoff

Pls subscribe to keep the news and entertainment coming your way...thanks for watching. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, who was called to the scene at 12:33 am Saturday, said Samal Hammond, 36, was stopped using spike sticks that deflated his van's tires. Although Snyder said his office is not involved in the investigation, but that his deputies received information that Hammond had allegedly fired at a Miami-Dade police sergeant after she responded to a report of a man and woman arguing outside their car on the side of I-95. The sergeant placed the woman in her cruiser and Hammond got into his van, Snyder said. "And at that point she advised their dispatcher that shots were fired and the chase was on," he said. The sergeant was not injured, Snyder said. It is unclear how many shots were fired or whether the unidentified police sergeant returned fire. Miami-Dade police declined to provide information about the incident Saturday. As a pair of Miami-Dade police cruisers stayed on Hammond's tail during the four-county pursuit, deputies from Broward and Palm Beach County's sheriff's departments joined in the chase, Snyder said. Once Hammond's van was disabled in Martin County, it hit the guardrail and he refused orders to get out of the vehicle. During the hour-long standoff with police, Hammond exhibited "odd" behavior, Snyder said. "He was sitting, arm outside the van. He was just taking it all in," the sheriff said. "He actually drew a smiley face in the dew in the <b>...</b>
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