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TURKEY Parliament Sanctions MILITARY OPERATIONS Against SYRIA. WW3 Next?

TURKEY Parliament Sanctions MILITARY OPERATIONS Against SYRIA. WW3 Next? Turkey's parliament has authorized cross-border military operations into Syria 'when necessary.' The move follows a cross-border mortar-shelling into Turkey which Damascus has apologized for. Parliament voted 320-129 in favor of the bill, though the government was quick to eliminate the perception they country preparing for a unilateral military assault. "The bill is not for war... It has deterrent qualities," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay told reporters after the vote on Thursday. He stressed that Turkey's priority was to act in conjunction with "international institutions" on Syria. Atalay further said the Syrian government "has admitted what it did and apologized. The deputy premier added that Syria had given its assurances "such an incident would not be repeated." The Turkish army has been shelling Syrian military positions since Wednesday in retaliation for shelling conducted from Syrian territory that killed five civilians. The government-initiated debates in the Turkish parliament took place behind closed doors. The cabinet of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan claimed the Syrian military had launched an act of aggression against Turkey. MP Muharrem Ince from the opposition Republican People's party said the motion was dangerous as it had no clearly defined limits. "You can wage a world war with [this motion],"Hürriyet Daily News cites him as saying. Ince also lambasted the <b>...</b>
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