domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

North Korea Threat To Commit "Suicide" Of A Nation Against - USA~!

Kimmie Ding Dong Un & his military leaders at pissing in the wind again with hollow threats. All because of the American & South Korean war drill set to begin next month. It would be complete total suicide for every man, woman & child in North Korea if they ever used any nuclear weapons or started any kind of war. So it is time for the North Koreans to either put up or shut up and fold their losing hand in this poker game of life. Welcome America & The World - I am ObamaStein. I comment and talk about things that I have strong feelings about. If you have a problem with my views, my criticizing Obama or anyone else, if you have a problem with my outfit, mask anything else - that is your damn problem! My "mask" represents the monster that Pres. Obama has become. Time to destroy that monster~! I am a reg. Indp. voter. So I owe nothing to either party. I am not here to please or support anyone! I will say exactly what I want & I will make any video on any subject that I want. If you do not like that then that is just to damn bad. It is my channel. If your comments are civil that is the exact way I will respond to you. If you want to do another way, I will gladly shove it right back in your face~! As Americans we all are entitled to have our own opinion. I will gladly respect anyone who shows respect. If you want to do it another way that is up to you. If you come here just ranting & cursing that is fine. I will shove it back in your face, down your throat & choke you with <b>...</b>
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