jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

X Games Snowmobile Crash 2013 Caleb Moore Accident Caleb Moore Dies RIP

FATAL MISTAKE to let Caleb get up and walk off course ... he was almost decapitated and they let him stand up and walk off course. Daniel Bodin Also Crashes ... and then Colten Moore crashes ... Triple CRASH 2013 X Games Aspen, Colorado. Horrible. Three athletes need better conditions in which to compete ... all 3 crash horribly. One Dies. All crashes on one single, ramp. Horrible that the over sight committee and ESPN allowed the construction of such a wreckless ramp, and even worse, that ASPEN Skiing Company Sksi Patrol and Medica let Caleb get up and walk away from the course, when Caleb should have been minimally strapped to a sled and med-evac'ed via chopper straight to Denver NOT Grand Junction. A 450+ lbs. machine landed on Caleb's head, side, and chest ... any qualified medical person would have immediately placed his head and neck into a brace ... and NOT let him move. So ... why did he crash? Why did Daniel Boitin and Colten Moore crash on the same ramp? The ramp was about 10 degrees too steep ... covered with too much fresh powder ... and, as many in Aspen are saying, poorly measured, carved and constructed; why such a FLAT LANDING ... WTF? Seriously ... who was in charge of (1) course construction, and (2) medical procedures ... um, the final "go ahead" would be from Aspen Ski Co - DBA, Aspen Mountain. A few people are about to be slapped with some serious lawsuits. Horrible.
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