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Illuminati's next move - London Olympics 2012 False Flag Confirmed Part 4

Source: www.youtube.com This new documentary (Duration: 1h45) released on 6/21/12 contains new unique and exclusive proofs which definitely confirm that there will be a false flag terrorist attack during the 2012 London Olympics. This is not about making predictions or coming to quick conclusions, it's just a gathering and the connexion of several open public peace of information which you can find on the mainstream media such as in movies, commercials, TV news Broadcast, TV documentary, music clips & lyrics, newspapers, video games, cartoons... The media are not done to entertain you but to make you a slave, to brainwash you, to manipulate you and to program you. Exactly like with 9/11, a huge number of these media work as propaganda and predictive programming in order to prepare the people's mind for the next major false flag: the 2012 London Olympics Terrorist attack. A great number of references can be seen in these media (movies, music clips, commercials, newspaper, cartoons, video games,...), some of them are ciphered and other are more evident. All these references point out to the same event: a nuclear attack during the 2012 Olympics on the London Underground which will make the Olympic Stadium blow up and which will make the ground fall, the references indicate that this will happen on 7/27/2012, ie during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The instigators can change the date at the last time but this does not change anything because, they will <b>...</b>
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