jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Love Never Dies (Piolt episode)

Piolt episode Rachel's POV It's been exactly 1 month since Finn and I broke up and he's already back with Quinn, he even ruined Sam's relationship with her and Sam is meant to be one of his best friends. What I don't understand is he'll get back with Quinn, even though she SLEPT with Puck and had HIS child, but won't even forgive me? I see him in the hall and he gives me that same look, the same one from the day I told him what happened between Puck and I, he looks at me as though I'm death or something. I admit what I done with Noah was wrong but I mean making out with the same guy who got your first love preggo are two completely different things! I know Finn's messed up but he blames me for messing him up when actually I think it was Quinn, she tricked him into thinking he was going to be a dad and he blames me for telling him the truth, I told him the truth about me and Noah and he still hates me! I just didn't want to see him get hurt; I guess that back fired didn't it! I walk into the choir room and sit next to Sam. Sam and I have become quite good friends since he found out Quinn had cheated on him. We sit there talking to Puck and Santana, yeah I know Santana as in Santana Lopez the one who calls me hobit and dwarf, when Mr Shue appears to start the lesson. Finn's P.OV I was walking down the hallway to get to Quinn's locker when I saw her, Rachel, I'm not gonna lie I feel bad about the way I ended our relationship but that's in the past now. As we walk past each <b>...</b>
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