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JUSTICE for the LIBERTY: a COVERUP DELETED (DVD Special Feature).mov

HIGH LEVEL BETRAYAL & COVERUP FOLLOWS IMPOSSIBLE SURVIVAL The 45th anniversary of the Israeli attack on USS Liberty during the 1967 Six Day War that left 34 US servicemen dead and 172 wounded is Friday, June 8th, 2012. This brutal 2hr assault by unmarked fighter jets and torpedo boats that pierced the premiere American spy ship (& the lifeboats they threw in the water) with 842 rockets, 19 napalm bombs, countless 50" machine gun fire, and 1 torpedo during which time their rescue was recalled not once but twice by Secretary of Defense McNamara & President Johnson ordering the 6th fleet (who was only 15 minutes away) to stand down for over 18 HOURS remains the ONLY attack on a US Navy ship UNinvestigated by congress. Once they returned, they were threatened with 'prison or worse' if they breathed a word of their ordeal to ANYone and their story was buried in the media for over 10 years. Upon retiring a decade later, thus voiding their commitments to silence, Jim Ennes published the NYT bestselling Assault on the Liberty & the survivors started speaking out, calling for an impartial investigation into the attack. They have been ignored, smeared, and attacked in public ever since, while simultaneously being supported by individual figures from the highest levels of the government including Secretaries of State, directors of the FBI, CIA and NSA, presidential advisors, and numerous Ambassadors. Support the survivors by watching their amazing story of survival against all odds <b>...</b>
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