viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Unglaublich. Killed by FSA because he and his family were patriots!

--1- The murdered family is the family of a Syrian army officer (Mohammad Sawwaf) from Houla NOT FSA officer. 2- The dead child shown in the video was wearing a Syrian flag on his hand, not the FSA flag with 3 red stars. 3- You can hear voices shouting "Where is the Syrian Army??!!", of course they want the Syrian army to be there to protect them. 4- We realize that the cameraman was standing taking the video, while the man beside him was begging for help to rescue the wounded. Why was taking the video more important than rescuing the wounded, knowing that this video was first loaded on opposition youtube channels. 5- The cameraman only hinted about the Syrian army being involved in the massacre but didn't say that clearly because he was afraid that the people around him who know that the FSA did it, would go after him as he becomes involved in the crime. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - Der ermordete Familie ist die Familie von einem syrischen Armee-Offizier (Mohammad Sawwaf) aus Houla NICHT FSA Offizier. 2 - Das tote Kind in dem Video gezeigt, trug eine syrische Flagge auf der Hand, nicht die FSA Flagge mit 3 roten Sternen. 3 - Sie hören Stimmen riefen: "Wo ist die syrische Armee?!", Natürlich sind sie die syrische Armee, dort zu sein, sie zu beschützen wollen. 4 - Wir wissen, dass der Kameramann stand unter das Video, während der Mann neben ihm bettelte um Hilfe, um die Verwundeten <b>...</b>
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