martes, 26 de junio de 2012

True Love Never Dies Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 7

EPISODE 7! Hey just a question but do you all still like the story? Lucy: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Shaelynn: that's what I wanted to say to you. Well I still can! Justin was on his way to our school! Lucy: shae! Come on like I don't know that now? Justin: can I talk with you for a minute? Alone? Shaelynn: im leaving! *sees bella* bells! Wait! *runs to her* Lucy: great.. so why? Justin: just come *takes lucy her hand and walks to a corner with her* why you left? Lucy: that's not so hard to know right? Justin: it is when you don't tell me? Lucy: because you kissed with the school slut from here? Justin: *shaking his head* I didn't. she kissed me. Lucy: this is going to end with no point. Bye justin *walks away* Justin: *takes her arm* lucy stop Lucy: *turns around* for wh- Justin: *walks up to lucy and kisses her* Lucy: *kisses back* Lucys POV: This kiss is amazing. I think I still love him. And I can tell hes a good kisser lol. End of POV. Justin: *let go and looks in lucy her eyes* Lucy: *blushes and looks away* Justin: *kisses her cheek* youre sweet you know Lucy: not when im mad *giggles* sorry for reacting like a total freak Justin: no biggie *hugs her* Lucy: but.. how you came here? Justin: you will see common *takes her hand and walks out the school via the emergency exit* with that people Lucy: *sees bella, shaelynn, zayn and her mom and justins crew standing there* mom? L.Mom: hi sweetie *smiles* Bella: LUCY! GIRL TALK NOW *runs to lucy and grabs her arm almost <b>...</b>
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