viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Leaked: Shock footage allegedly shows Syrian family slain by rebels (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Footage showing the results of an alleged massacre in the Syrian city of Hama in April has been obtained by RT. Sources say that opposition rebels committed the atrocity. Likma38 The video shows the bloodstained bodies of four victims lying on body-bags on the floor of a morgue. It then goes on to show a number of bodies, including those of women and children in a house that looks to have been attacked. The victims' bodies display evidence of severe trauma, bullet wounds and burns. At the beginning of the video three children are shown in tears, the older girl demands to be allowed to go to the hospital to see her mother. "What was these children's fault? Why were they killed?" she shouts at the camera. According to RT sources opposition rebel groups were responsible for the massacre. The video is dated April 18, six days after the UN-brokered ceasefire officially came into effect. In spite of the truce consistent reports of violence on the part of opposition groups and regime forces have continued to come out of the country. Another massacre occurred in Hama on June 6, where up to 80 people were killed in the village of al-Qubair. UN observers were unable to ascertain who was behind the attack. The opposition claimed that pro-regime militia group "Shabiha" was to blame, while the Syrian government said armed terrorist were behind the mass killing. Houla massacre Following an investigation into the massacre of over 100 civilians in the city of Houla on May 25 the UN says <b>...</b>
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