miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Authorities Hide a Greater Crisis Than Zhou Kehua

Follow us on TWITTER: twitter.com Like us on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Was Zhou Kehua killed? —This question is raised by both netizens and professionals. The Chongqing police have repeatedly stated that, all online questions regarding Zhou Kehua stem from misunderstandings and misinformation. But residents of Chongqing are concerned again, as their hillsides are closed due to a forest fire. Commentators point out that a greater crisis may be hidden behind suspicious behavior. On August 18, Hu Zhaohui, a Guangzhou lawyer, posted on his microblog: "As a lawyer, from the criminal proceedings point of view, I feel there are questions on regarding Zhou Kehua's death and on how he was killed—the deceased may not be Zhou; is this sort of thing possible? I integrated a large number of on-site pictures as well as Internet users' questions to give an in-depth analysis from five aspects of this case." Lawyer Hu had served in the military police for 23 years, had worked under the military law department for many years and had also experienced the Vietnam War in the early 80's. Hu analyses the Zhou Kehua case from five aspects: First—how was Zhou Kehua actually killed? Second—is an objective investigation being conducted on the shooting scene? Third—are the two policemen who allegedly killed Zhou Kehua telling the truth? Four—is the deceased indeed the ruthless criminal, Zhou, or had they killed a plain clothes policeman by mistake? Lawyer Hu found that the deceased man was 10cm <b>...</b>
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