jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Ball Python Feeding pre-killed mice

Little snackysnack for my balls. They ate a small rat (pre-killed) earlier this week, so they are munching on this little treat. This channel is documented evidence that balls can easily switch between live and pre-killed with ease. No matter what, my balls will eat it. So the first snake is named Rico. He was SUPER pissed off this day. When I set him in the feeding bin he snapped at me 0:54 (in case you see me flinch there). Now you may laugh and say "You pussy! Their bites don't hurt!" It is true, their bites don't hurt at all (been bitten twice, my fault both times), the thing is I am more worried of them getting injured in case they latch on to my hand and I have to forcibly extract them or pry open their jaws, it's best to just avoid it as a whole. So Rico was pissed and he was making loud exhales (prolly can't hear it) as I set the cam next to him. Simon is the second snake, chill as usual. He takes a bit longer than Rico to snatch the mouse, Rico has an excellent feeding response. I used to be able to reach into their cages and grab them, but recently they have become incredibly hostile towards any type of organic thing entering their cages. I must use a hook to extract them, I am guessing it's just due to them "growing up". I also used to be able to reach in their feeding bin and grab them, but now I must carefully slide them out. If I reach in they will snap at me thinking it's more food.
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