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Avengers:Civil War - Comic Book Movie

The anti-mutant group known as Operation Zero Tolerance again attempt to find a way to achieve their ultimate goal. The systematic irradication of all mutant life on Earth. They know part of the way to do that is to get the government to actively fight against mutants. Bastion and his legion attack the X-Mansion. Catching the X-Men off gaurd they are able to lead them to a public street. Then the active human members begin to fight the X-Men[Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, and Gambit]. One of the members stands in front of a car. With his hand gun shoots Gambit in the shoulder. With his other arm he throws a charged card at the guy, but the man dodges and the car explodes. Unknown to them a single mother with her 4 year old were hiding behind the car and are killed. Jean then senses this and becomes enraged. When the Prime Sentinals return they all converge on Jean. Unable to stop what's happening Cyclops has the rest of the team run. He leaves Jean to handle the Sentinals, however she creates an explosion that kills many and leaves others critically injured.

The Senate puts a halt on the Superhuman Registration Act and inacts the Mutant Registration Act. And has the current Director of SHIELD Maria Hill be the main people in charge of registration. This doesn't sit well with some of the heroes. Captain America sees this accident with disappointment on the X-Men's part. And tries to warn them of the coming attack. Xavier assures Cap that they will be ready for the upencoming war. Magneto now getting what he's wanted launches an attack on the Pentagon with his BrotherHood. Captain America advises the X-Men to lay low and allow the Avengers to handle the situation.

With the Avengers handleing the members of the BrotherHood with reletive ease the big threat is Magneto. With some combined effort from a few Avengers they capture Magneto before he begins assulting the Pentagon. Seeing the ability to aid in this new law Maria Hill insists that the Avengers help in rounding up mutants. Captain America disquested leaves in frustration. Tony tries to appeal to him, but Cap refuses to bend on his stance. With SHIELD assulting the X-Mansion first Cap comes to the X-Men'side with Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, and Iron Fist. Causing the SHIELD agents to run, they report back to Hill. She then request the deletion of the Mutant Registration Act and to resume the Super-Human Registration Act to the Senate and President.

With that Act now in full effect Hill appoints Iron Man as primary director new Avengers team, called the Defenders. Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, and Hank Pym soon make alliences with Operation Zero Tolerence to gain control of the Sentinals. Cap has the X-Men hide in the Avenegers Mansion for a short time until they can find a better place. Iron Man soon finds Spider-man swinging through the city. He orders him to reveal the new hiding place for the Xmen and Cap's Secret Avengers. When Spider-man refuses a fight ensues. Iron man coming off victorious still gets no answer outta Spider-man. Until he threatens the potential saftey of his wife Mary Jane and Aunt May "Being involved in illegal activity" Spider-man tells Iron Man. Which leads to an all out assult on the streets of Hell's Kitchen.

Iron Man
Mr. Fantastic
Human Torch
Yellow Jacket
Ms. Marvel
Dr. Samson
Black Widpw
Black Panther

Captain America
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
Invisible Woman
The Thing

With the battle that leaves both groups badly injured they go back to their respective hideouts. Then a flash of light appears in the room of the Secret Avengers. An unknown man named Bishop speaks to them of the near future. He warns them of the result of the war. It leads to a desolate wasteland of a future. Sentinals flying around rounding up remaining mutants. When Wolverine questions how he was able to travel back in time Bishop tells him of the mutant named Forge and his ablility to make any type of machine. But when Cap and Cyclops both question Tony Stark's involvment with Sentinals Bishop tella them that he at some point gains control of Zero Tolerance and its Prime Sentinals as well as other Sentinals. With these secrets revealed Captain America and Cyclops agree to become dual leaders of both teams. Under the cover of night Mister Fantastic unleashes a couple of Prime Sentianls of his own design to kidnap Jean Grey. And transport her to their Negative Zone prison. When Cyclops finds out she's gone he wakes the rest of the united team. Understanding the message on Iron man's part decide to launch an attack on the Stark Tower. When they do they are blocked by a group of Sentinals. When the Secret Avengers are captured they are taken to where Jean is being held. When they are about to be escorted in the portal Cap shouts


And the X-Men run teleport in and begin to fight the Pro Regestration forces. Freeing the rest of their team a full on battle comences. Iron Man orders Cloak to teleport them all back to New York. Accidentally leaving Jean behind. Tony then ucalls in all the Prime Sentianls to attack the Ultimates. On the verge of defeat Bishop and Jean come on the created battlefield. Each insist the other team stops. Bishop tells them of the grim future that awaits them if they continue their fight. However despite the clear reasoning Punisher shoots Yellowjacket. Which causes Ms.Marvel to shoot Cyclops. Seeing her husband fatelly wounded she fully transforms again into the Phoenix and kills Ms.Marvel, Thor attempts to avenger her, but then Phoenix kills Thor. A blast from nowhere hits and kills Phoenix. Odin has come to retrieve his fallen son. He begins to speak of the prophecy that was given to him regarding his sons and humanity he blames all the heroes for his son's death.

"I attempted to warn my son of taking part in your petty wars. I tried to warn both my sons of this Heroic Era that was to take place among your realm. And now the Prince of Asgard has fallen. From this point forward Midgard will be under the control of my son Loki. All who resist him will be destroyed. All of your governments will no longer be in any control of how this world remains. And while my son ay be King over you I will be the final authority over him. No longer will mankind endanger innocent lives. My son's death will be avengened."

I hope you guys like the story. Again like my other ones this is only a summery of what happens. Please leave any ideas you may have below.

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