jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Islamic State of Iraq Gunmen in Disguise Attacking Several Checkpoints

"Iraqi security forces believe that those attackers drove all the way down from desert areas close to Bayji, about 200 km (124 miles) north of Haditha," Salman said. When they arrived at the first police checkpoint on the northern outskirts of town, they ordered all local police officers to turn off their cell phones, Salman said. "The attackers told local police at that checkpoint that they have arrest warrants issued from Baghdad against two senior police officers in Haditha," he said. "All seven local police at that checkpoint were convinced after the attackers showed them forged arrest warrants, and they agreed to switch off their phones -- and later, all were killed in cold blood." The gunmen then headed to the Haditha police station, where they convinced officers they were an official force sent by the federal government to carry out the arrests, Salman said. Later, the attackers went to the home of the commander of Haditha's SWAT force, Captain Khalid Daham, and killed him, Salman said. The former commander of emergency police in Haditha, Mohammed Hassan, was also killed inside his house along with two of his bodyguards. At one point, Haditha police officials began to suspect the gunmen. When they asked them to stop until they involve more security officials in their mission, the gunmen began clashes with security forces that lasted an hour, Salman said. Three of the attackers were killed during the clashes, but only one body was left behind, and the attackers <b>...</b>
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