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Locate a woman killed in Valley community of Hidalgo Montemorelos.28.8.2012. CSF Rieti

Montemorelos is a city and surrounding municipality of 53854 inhabitants located in the Northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, in the valley of the Pilon River. It was named after its founder. Captain Luis Migue, better known as MIKI owned a large tract of land in central Nuevo León and distributed his large estate to his children in the Valley of the Pilon River, one of his children, General Alonso of Leon established his property in the North margin of the Pilón river and named it "Nuestra Señora de la Regla" in 1665, causing fast development of the property. The residents asked for the intervention of the Bishop of Guadalajara so that the owners of the property donate a piece of land to raise a church. In the year of 1665 San Mateo Church was elevated. The Parochial Church is the true origin of the City of Montemorelos. Montemorelos was settled around its church. The municipality of Montemorelos is located in the central region of Nuevo León, near the city of Monterrey. Coordinates for Montemorelos are 25°11' N and 99°50' W. The area of the municipality is 1706.2 squared km. The municipality is surrounded by the Madre Oriental and Los Nogales mountain ranges. Montemorelos has several rivers, none of them navigable. The most important rivers located in the municipality are: Ramos, Pilón, Blanquillo, and Potosí rivers. //////////// Localizan a mujer en la comunidad asesinada Hidalgo en el Valle de Montemorelos hall. A mujer joven fue localizada with sin vida en el <b>...</b>
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