lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Cute Fuzzy Squirrel Dies a Horrible Death by Cleveland Home Inspector Marko Vovk

Cleveland Home Inspector Marko Vovk tells a story about a cute little fuzzy squire that died a horrible death. Once upon a time, a squirrel found a nice hole in the side of the nice house. The cute little fuzzy squirrel climbed into this hole and followed the long dark tunnel to a big cave. The squirrel loved the new cave because it had a lot of other tunnels. One day while in the new cave, the cute little squirrel found a small hole in one of the tunnels. He squeezed and squeezed until he fell through this little hole. He fell into a big stone floor playground. The happy little squirrel ran around the newly discovered playground and look out the windows to see all his fuzzy buddy squirrels. After running around the new playground, the happy little squirrel became thirsty and hungry. He looks, looked, and could not find the small hole than lead back into the tunnel. He could not get out of his playground. He could only look outside the steel screened window. To the outside had screens. The happy little squall wasn't happy anymore so he staved, became skinny, died and now he is a dead mummy squirrel. Ok here is what happened. The not so smart HVAC contractor added a cold air return register to the exterior of the home. This would suck in fresh air from the exterior. This inspallaion probably doubled the house utilty bills. The exterior cold air return vent screen cover rusted out and aloud a squirrel to enter. The squire ran around inside the cold air return ductwork. The <b>...</b>
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