lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

TV9 - Bangalore couple killed; young daughter attacked after witnessing murder

TV9 - Bangalore couple killed; young daughter attacked after witnessing murder...! A seven-year-old in Bangalore has been hospitalised after she witnessed her parents' murder. The couple, who ran a vegetarian restaurant at their home in west Bangalore, was beaten to death with iron rods. The child was then attacked, and left bleeding at the house, says the police, who brought the girl to the hospital. She is still unconscious. Pankaj and Babita Sharma, originally from Agra, ran a vegetarian hotel from their home in Cottonpet area of west Bangalore. The police says their cook and helper, who is from Assam, has been missing since last night. He was hired just a week ago. "The full address of the helper is unknown. We are looking for him, but no photo. The couple seems to have let him stay in the kitchen of their restaurant," said SN Siddaramappa, a senior police officer handling the case. The motive for the crime is as yet unknown. The child has a serious head injury. "She is suffering from a black eye, several bruises on her body and a deep cut on her head till the bone. Since she has been unconscious, we cannot predict the depth of the injury, and it is on the brain so we need to conduct higher investigation like CT scan for now," said Dr Somegowda, Medical Superintendent, Victoria Hospital.The relatives of the couple are on their way from Agra to Bangalore. Tv9, Karnataka news, Bangalore news, Crime news, Murder news, Bangalore couple killed, Pankaj and Babita Sharma <b>...</b>
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