martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Felicia Garcia: Bullied NY Teen Girl 15 years old Commits Suicide by Jumping in front of Train 'RIP'

Felicia Garcia, 15, a Staten Island teenager fell to her death by falling backwards at a train station on Wednesday. The crying teenager put down her book bag before committing suicide due, to bullying and rumors, at the Huguenot Staten Island Railway station platform in Huguenot, Staten Island, New York. Prior to Felicia Garcia's death, she had a number of outcries and even mediations due to being taunted by football players and others who deemed the teen as different due to her look, piercings, etc. On Monday, the teenager posted that she was done and she had given up and posted a picture on Instagram which showed herself as if she was beat up and had her lips cut or sewn. Other messages that Felicia Garcia and images she posted included a picture of herself smiling and saying that "just because someone is smiling doesn't mean that they are happy #read #between #the #lines" The same day Felicia Garcia killed herself, she reportedly had a peer mediation all day with counselors after a dispute with some Tottenville High School male students. Reportedly, Felicia Garcia was orphaned when her parents died which left her younger brother and herself moving from foster home to foster home. The teen is stated to have allegedly sometimes stayed with friends and her ex-boyfriend. Since Felica Garcia's death, a Facebook page RIPFeliciaGarciaStopBullying has been set-up in her honor to stop bullying. The Facebook page has received over 8000 likes since it was created.
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