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[Diablo 2: LOD] Act 1- Sightless Eye (Rogue Encampment)

The Rogue Encampment was set up by The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye after Andariel invaded their Monastery and killed many of their order. Akara describes it as a camp with "rickety walls" and it's merely a small defence against the horrible monsters outside it's walls. It's the town level of Act I. NPCs Including Warriv, you will find five(six) NPCs here who will aid you throughout your time here: Akara: Healer, item dealing (potions, caster weapons), quest advice Charsi: Repairing, item dealing (armor, melee weapons, bows/crossbows), quest advice Gheed: Item dealing/gambling, quest advice Kashya: Mercenary hiring (Rogue), quest advice Warriv: Caravan master (safe passage to Lut Gholein and back), quest advice Deckard Cain: Item identifier, quest advice (Only present after Rescue Cain or Sisters to the Slaughter quest completion)
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