martes, 30 de julio de 2013


Man drowning and getting hit by huge waves. I hope this man rests in peace. Extra Tags: (ignore) hurricane, sandy, lightning, thunder, storm, rain, weather, tornado, "Tropical Cyclone (Disaster Type)", Flood, Ocean, sad, story, cruise, affected, "Tornado (sailboat)", "Cruise Ship (Ship Type)", devastating, halloween, kids, drowning, no, halloween, frankingstorm, new, insane, footage, fake, trol, humans, dieng, man, killed, trying, to, save, women, selfless, act, wind, speed, mph, update, video, us, countryside, news, why, barrack, obama, mit, romney, election, "United States (Country)", BBC, CNN, ABCnews, capsise, float, life, threatening, voting, percent, helicopter, footage, many, feared, trapped, little, girl, saved, countless, small, town, torn, apart, by, horror, storms, insane, video, real, life, live, man, drowns, feared, dead. HURRICANE SANDY VIDEO FOOTAGE HURRICANE SANDY VIDEO FOOTAGE HURRICANE SANDY VIDEO FOOTAGE
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