lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

The Walking Dead: Adventures of Mute Lee, Part 5 - Only ... Answers

Welcome back for more "Adventures of Mute Lee"! In this episode, we ... This is an extra long episode. I'm trying to add more of the story to it. I also made a very special outro. I hope you enjoy! --- Subscribe: Twitter: Any feedback is always welcome! --- The Walking Dead, Telltale, games, tell, tale, TWD, walkthrough, Lets Play, LP, Episode 2, one, Part 5, Starved For Help, Story, answers, PC, xbox 360, ps3, ipad, ios, ..., all ... answers, don't answer, drug store, farm, intro, beginning, cop car, zombies, clementine, lee, mute, don't answer, silence, only ... answers, don't talk, adventures of mute lee, silence, don't answer, St John, forest, Ben, Clementine, food, Lilly, Kenny, Andy, Danny, dies, death, kill, mortal kombat
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