domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

The Walking Dead: Adventures of Mute Lee, Part 9 - Only ... Answers

Welcome back for more "Adventures of Mute Lee"! In this episode, we ... I've been recording with music turned off and adding it back in afterwards so it won't jump. I think I nailed it this time. I also think I've gotten better and expressing certain emotions, despite the fact Lee says no words. --- Subscribe: Twitter: Any feedback is always welcome! --- The Walking Dead, Telltale, games, tell, tale, TWD, walkthrough, Lets Play, LP, Episode 4, Part 9, LAround every corner, Story, answers, PC, xbox 360, ps3, ipad, ios, ..., all ... answers, don't answer, zombies, clementine, lee, mute, don't answer, silence, only ... answers, don't talk, adventures of mute lee, silence, don't answer, Ben, Clementine, christa, omid, walkers, child, boy, lee kills, chuck dies
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