martes, 30 de abril de 2013

103 Killed in Pakistan Quetta Suicide Bombing Attack

103 killed in bomb attack in Pakistan At least 103 people were killed after a series of bombings in Pakistan Thursday. Two bombs exploded every few minutes in Queatta, southwestern Pakistan. A series of bombs in different parts of Pakistan has hit the country hard Thursday. In total, 103 people were killed. At least 69 people were killed when two bombs went off in Quetta in Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan, police said. At least 160 others were injured. The attack was probably aimed at paramilitary soldiers, according to news agency AP. Militantgruppen Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the two attacks in Quetta. One of the group's spokesmen, Saddiq Bakar, said the first blast was a suicide attack and that the second bomb was placed in a car and detonated by remote control. Two bombs in ten minutes The bombs went off in Quetta with ten minute intervals, according to police officer Mohammed Murtaza. The suicide attack occurred inside a billiard hall. Car bombs led to a building collapsed, and it was here that many were killed and injured. A majority Shiite Muslims live in the Quetta area. Extremist Sunni Muslims have attacked a number of Shiite areas and rallies in recent years.
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