lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Who Killed The Nanny - Project X

Lyrics: They come deep in the night They've come to cleanse us all we walk alone, pawns in their devious plans They come here with a task They've come to cleanse our souls Prophecies fulfilled The gruesome end is near You run and try to hide no prayer can save you now Brace yourself for your doom Our world is an apocalyptic blood stained battleground no longer a home to the human race they will forever remember this date in time as the day that they wiped out our greed complete control they know no bounds they feel no pain we are slaves no hope remains as long as their hearts still beating your just a slave, just a weak existence there's nothing more, nothing less to this we are just slaves, nothing more They come deep in the night they've come to kill us all we walk upon learning our weakness They come here from the stars they've come to cleanse our souls prophecies fulfilled the end of time has come this is our last day on earth we can not fight them off we'll pay for our sins and just burn away no hope no time just pain forever slaves
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