lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Ultralight aircraft falls in Veneto. Bruno De Dea dies. 09 12 2012 Cade aereo pilota morto CSF Rieti Treviso, Italy. Found dead on ultralight pilot crashed yesterday in the San Boldo. Discovery this morning the carcass of the plane entrepreneur Belluno Bruno De Dea. The victim had just bought the plane and was taking him home. 3viso. Was spotted by a helicopter fire the carcass ultralight disappeared after takeoff from San Marino and fell in Veneto. It is located east of Mount Torresel in Treviso, near the Passo San Boldo, about 1100 meters quota.Si is a particularly rugged with dense vegetation. Among the wreckage even the body of the pilot, 57 year old Belluno Bruno De Dea. The ultralight is broken into two pieces and the body of the pilot is stuck between the plates. To reach the ruins, the police and fire departments have had to resort to using a winch to lower the top teams engaged in research on the place of discovery. Bruno De Dea, owner of a disco-pub in Belluno, he went to San Marino to complete the purchase ultralight, the same as in recent years had hired to satisfy his passion for flying. The tragedy occurred during the return trip home. Sunday, December 9, 2012 - 16:47
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