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Hiker Dies Following Bee Attack

A hiker dies and two more are injured following a bee attack on a mountain. One recent report revealed a tragic, unusual death due to bees. A male hiker has died, following an attempt to get away from a bee swarm while at Camelback Mountain. Two other hikers were injured and Phoenix fire officials responded to the scene. The hiker who passed away fell from a cliff in the panicked attempt to ward off the bees, while the other two hikers were airlifted off of the mountain. They were taken to a hospital and both of them had roughly 300 bee stings each. The horrific ordeal left fire officials stunned, with the fire captain stating "It's just a bad combination when you have a sheer rock face and nowhere to go and you're being stung hundreds of times," In recent times, there seems to have been an increase in severe bee attacks. Last year, four people were sent to the hospital in Santa Ana. One of the victims, who was in a wheelchair was stung more than 60 times. Earlier this year, an elderly man passed away following a bee swarm attack. He had been mowing his lawn prior to getting stung.
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