domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Pres. Obama, Middle East & Iran Look Like 1979

It has been 33 years since living under the hell of former Pres. Jimmy Carter & his failed leadership. 2012 is looking exactly like 1979. Only the completely failure as Pres. is Barack Hussein O-Blamer. He is bending over backwards to kiss the assess of those who murdered our people in Libya & attacked our embassies around the crap hole 3rd world Islamist countries. President Barack O-Blamer - Blames The Movie Film Innocence of Muslims On Islamist Terrorist Attacks & Violence. This is BS & so is O-Blamer. The problems are O-Blamer as a failed leader & Pres. The problems are that America's leaders refuse to admit we are at war with the Islamist terrorist & many of the Islamist countries no so secretly support the terrorist. The majority of Islamist are evil and they want to destroy America & Israel. If they could today - they would kill everyone in America & Israel. If Barack Hussein O-Blamer is re-elected there will be many more attacks on Americans all around the world. Eventually the Islamist will attack Americans in America again under O-Blamer. He will never take a stand against his own kind of people........ He will sell out America & all Americans first~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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