martes, 30 de abril de 2013

General Norman Schwarzkopf Dies Gulf War General Dead

Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who commanded coalition forces during the Gulf War, died Thursday, a US official said. He was 78. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, Schwarzkopf directed 700000 coalition troops that engaged in a six-week air assault of Iraqi forces in January 1991. That was followed by a swift ground campaign that pushed Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait. Former President George HW Bush, who is hospitalized, said the general was a "true American patriot and one of the great military leaders of his generation." Photos: People we've lost in 2012 Photos: People we've lost in 2012 Schwarzkopf went to the US Military Academy and graduated in 1956, according to Britannica Online. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army. The officer served two tours of duty in Vietnam. In 1988, Schwarzkopf was appointed commander of US Central Command. People we've lost in 2012: The lives they lived Schwarzkopf made a reputation as a plain-spoken commander when he gave media briefings during Operation Desert Storm. He came to be known as "Stormin' Norman." He retired in August 1991 and wrote an autobiography entitled "It Doesn't Take a Hero." The general also hit the lecture circuit and was a military analyst for NBC.
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