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Revolution Season 1 Episode 3 'No Quarter' - Video Review

Revolution Season 1 Episode 3 'No Quarter' - Video Review Alright what's up guys so I'm going to do another review for revolution. This one will be of season 1 episode 3 which is called, no quarter. I thought this was a pretty good episode compared to the last 2 especially the second episode as we get to see some more character development from Miles Madison finding out about his back story and how be came such a great fighter. Apparently he was a general in the resistance and sort of even the founder. General Monroe actually was really like his side kick so to speak and was actually trying to talk him out of killing 2 men that they found beating up a helpless man on the street who had already killed a couple people previously. Monroe was trying to talk him out of it but that didn't fly Miles passed judgement and sentenced him to death. Very cool scene. Also the parts with the sniper rifle were very good and overall I thought this episode was much better than the last. I am giving it an 8 out of 10. I hope you guys enjoy the review and I will continue with the show next week. Thanks for watching guys!
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