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Borderlands 2: Vermivorous Defeated Solo

Vermivorous the Invincible summoned and defeated with my lonesome Commando. He is a legendary varkid who can be found in the Caustic Caverns or Tundra Express. He is level 53 and is tougher than Terramorphous. The key to making him appear is making a varkid evolve. Here is the process: larval--adult--badass--super badass--ultimate badass--Vermivorous I believe it is randomly predetermined how many times a varkid will evolve and if they'll evolve automatically or after receiving a certain amount of damage. Wait for varkids to start evolving and if they don't, damage them and wait for a couple of minutes. If they don't enter their pod after that, they most likely won't evolve. If they stay at larval, kill them so you get a fresh new varkid (that's actually how I got him to spawn). If you've got nothing after 10 minutes, you should just restart. Note: The Ultimate Badass does not need to kill enemies to evolve, he's not that special. Another Note: This is a good way to farm a chubby. When a varkid goes into a badass pod, there's a chance it will come out a chubby since it is just a fat version of a badass. I killed about 10 trying to make this video.
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