martes, 30 de abril de 2013

(AU) Damon/ Elena || Open up your eyes [+ HisEternalSoulmate]

Watch in HD please :) Hello Hello EVERYONE! :D I'm really happy :) and now I'm the most honored person in the world :D because I made this video with Fi aka HisEternalSoulmate :D :D Sub her please, because she deserve millions of subscribers :'') the storyline of this video is the following :) Damon has died. For Elena has been very hard, and all the time she feels depressed and sad, she can't stop thinking about the times they had together. To forget, Elena goes to see Bonnie. But Elena can't stop thinking of Damon's death. Elena has a nightmare in which she sees Damon dead, and suddenly she realizes that it's not a nightmare, she's seeing the spirit of Damon in reality. Elena becomes totally crazy and sees Damon all the time. Elena is tormented, she is becoming crazy, so she takes a decision, commit suicide. Elena finally dies, and is reunited with Damon in heaven It's a really sad story :''( We hope you like it and enjoy it :) ......................................... Song: open up your eyes Fandom: TVD (Vampire Diaries) - Damon & Elena (Delena) Alternative universe Emotion: Sad Coloring by me Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11
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