martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

4 Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed At Webster, NY Fire Scene Webster, New York Firefighters Shooting 1

Two firefighters were shot and killed this morning when a gunman opened fire at the site of a blaze in the small upstate town of Webster, just outside Rochester on Lake Ontario. Three homes and a vehicle are burning as a SWAT team, state and local police work to secure the scene. The Democrat and Chronicle reports that the gunman "open fired on the first firefighters to respond, striking one in the backside." Multiple firefighters were shot—it's unclear how many—when they responded around 6:30 am; among the wounded, one is currently in stable condition. (Webster police tell one local news station two wounded firefighters are hospitalized in addition to the two who were killed.)The shooter or shooters remain at large, his or her or their motive unknown. Local residents are being evacuated, and state troopers are searching them and escorting them to waiting buses. "Some people on this bus already watched their houses burn," one local resident said. "They're not happy."
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