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Norway: Trial of Anders Breivik-INfocus-07-01-2012

Anders Breivik detonated a bomb outside government buildings in Oslo in July 2011. He then went on to shoot dozens at a youth camp on Utoya Island. A total of 77 people were ruthlessly killed in a massacre which shocked the world. Now, he is once again shocking the world as he gives evidence at his own trial. "Anyone could do what I did," he said, affirming that he would do it all again if he had the chance. He has even told the court that he is part of a group called the Knights Templar who had planned to train several hundreds of other people to commit similar atrocities across Europe. In this week's INFocus, we travel to Norway to cover the trial. Is it giving him a platform to champion his views? Is he just a one off madman or should Europe be worried about future attacks? Watch this video on our Website: www.presstv.ir Follow our Facebook on: www.facebook.com Follow our Twitter on: twitter.com
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