martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Two Sister's First Nuzlocke Attempt (Dana-chan dies a lot.)

Me and my sister Andrea try our hands at Nuz-Locke, and fail miserably. I did a few drawings for this challenge just because I wanted to, I really have no plans to make a comic out of this. XD Ya think you don't get attached to those little pockets of data, but you do, you really do. Draco died in my arms and I was mourning for about..... two days. XD But it was awhile before I could try my hands at a nuzlocke run again. Me and Andrea have such... "Chemistry." In that I'm the more serious one, which is weird, cause with everyone else, I'm the derp. So you know, If in Nuzlocke, I ever get a Gastly, I would name him "Hidan." Cause I'd add an additional clause that Ghost types can't die, since they're already dead. It always bothered me in Nuzlocke comics when a ghost pokemon dies.... I just.... Don't get it. that additional clause needs to be added in. =p
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