martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Friendship Never Dies - A Finchel Love Story Episode 6

Continuing FINN - That was some kiss RACHEL - Yeah.. i liked it! FINN - So did i *smiles at her* RACHEL - I know we are young... but i think i love you already FINN - Well i know i definately love you and i dont want any other girl because you are one for me no matter if there such pretty, you are beautiful compared to everyone else.. you are beautiful. RACHEL - *speechless* III d-don-n't CAROLE -*smiling at what Finn said* (yes, she was ears-dropping) FINN - You are the one for me RACHEL - And youre the one for me FINN - *cups her face and kisses her* RACHEL - *kisses back* CAROLE - *thinking I have to stop the kissing noises* HEY KIDS YOU HUNGRY?! FINCHEL - *pull away and look at each other* YES! *laugh at each other* CAROLE - *thinking - thank god for that!* - Sorry if its short - Hope you liked it! -Sorry if it sucked ~thecomputernerd125~
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