jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

B2K Singer Raz B Nearly Dies!

Raz B had a near fatal accident this past weekend while in his hotel room in China. The B2K singer sustained a severe injury to his right wrist by slicing it on a glass door after a fall. He ultimately lost a great amount of blood due to the laceration. According to News reports, Raz B was in Shanghai for a concert. While in his hotel room, he says that he tripped, and when he tried to break his fall, he went through a glass door hand first. He says the shards of broken glass ripped his wrist apart to the point where it was down to the bone. Raz states that he passed out while someone in the room notified hotel management and an ambulance was called for assistance. Doctors at Huashan Hospital Fudan University proceeded to operate on the singer's wrist in a procedure that took up to five hours. Check out the gruesome photo of his injury. Raz B canceled the rest of his tour after he was released from the hospital on Monday.
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