viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Episode 3 Finale! - Lets Do the Opposite of: "Pewdiepie: The Walking Dead - Ep.3 Part 6"

Edit: I actually found out what happened to Lilly, so I might be making one more video, if anybody is interested! Welcome back for the final part of Episode 3 in the Walking Dead! The group is stopped by a wreck on the tracks and happens upon 2 more survivors. Will they join the group and head to Savannah? Will Kenny's weathered face scare them away? Lets find out! I'm not sure when Episode 4 comes out. Are there any games you'd like me to play in the mean time? Lemme know what you think! --- Subscribe: Twitter: Any feedback is always welcome! --- The Walking Dead, Telltale, games, story, walkthrough, playthrough, TWD, Lets Play, LP, Chapter 3, Episode 3, Long road ahead, end, ending, finale, final, Pewdiepie, Story, alternate, alternative, choices, max, GTX 690, GTX, settings, answers, Part 6, six, PC, xbox 360, ps3, opposite, themrkravin, mrkravin, guide, tips, tricks, Lee, Clemantine, Lilly, marshall, homeless, train, wreck, clem, clem dies, Omar, survivors, end, fire, Savannah
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