viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

US-Interfering-in-the-MIDDLE-EAST-BLAMED-for-breeding-more-VIOLENCE )

US Interfering in the MIDDLE EAST BLAMED for breeding more VIOLENCE Western WORLD VS ISLAM as RAGE is still in MUSLIMS minds after US anti-islam video hit YOUTUBE The rift between western powers and the Islamic world seems to be growing. In the Pakistani city of Peshawar, police say protesters set cinemas on fire, angry over the US-made anti-Islam film. Earlier, thousands clashed with police in Pakistan. Pakistani TV channels are showing clips of President Obama denouncing the film, which it's hoped will calm the protesters. Many believe Washington's efforts in the region seem counter-productive. Tags: 2012 CashCapital47 breaking news media report zion zionism NWO new world order illuminati WW3 world war iii religion Islam islamic nations Pakistan Lahore Egypt Cairo Iran Iraq Syria Middle East Saudi Arabia Libya US Ambassador killed muslim US made google youtube video anti-islam video neo nazi white supremacy US President Barack Obama denouncing video calm hope keep peace angry rage chaos riots protest violence presidential elections Ron Paul 2012 Mitt Romney meetings talks attacks economy economic gold silver Category: News & Politics
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