jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Blowing Up A Fitness Center

While on set of tv show series CHASE on NBC, this is footage of the explosion used for the fitness center being blown up in Season 1 Episode 6 titled "Havoc"! Even at a safe distance of 100ft+ we all could feel the heat from the pyrotechnics used... SWEET!!! In the script, unabomber fugitive Carson Puckett bombs a fitness center! So I was "guy with long hair" or character name "Mark Larkin". Along with two other victims that are killed while running on tread mills during a bombing... IMDb- "CHASE" TV Show Episode 1:6- Havoc (Aired October 25th, 2010) www.imdb.com Synopsis: On the hunt for fugitive Carson Puckett who is using explosives to get revenge, Annie gets injured and is forced to rely on bounty hunter Ben Crowley. In Annie's absence, under Jimmy's leadership, the team must use Daisy's tactical expertise to stop Puckett, and Luke is forced to step up to the plate. Written by NBC Publicity *DISCLAIMER: I don't know the rights to this footage or its copyright!*
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