viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Video Report: The regime in Bahrain Brutally Kills a 16 yr Old Child

On Friday night, the child martyr Husam Al-Haddad (a 16-year old) from Muharraq had been killed by the regime forces' bullets. He was shot from a close range, tearing his body inhumanely . Then, the martyr child was cruelly beaten by the regime-backed armed militias.despite the fact that he was bleeding This inhumane act caused many bruises and serious injuries which led to his death with cold-blood. Martyr Al-Haddad was wounded with shotgun pellets in the back. This position proves that the regime forces intentionally attempted to kill him.. Many pro-democracy protesters have been killed due to the excessive use of birdshots (an internationally-prohibited shotgun). The lethal weapon; caused Hussam serious injuries in different parts of his body; mainly his back, chest, head and hand. People shouted from rooftops then took to the streets in unplanned protests just a few hours after his death was announced. The regime forces have blocked the only three causeways which link Bahrain areas with Muharraq to prevent the mourners from participating in the martyr's funeral
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