viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Spider Man (Peter Parker) Dies in 700th Issue of Amazing Spider Man

Peter Parker Dies in 700th Issue of Amazing Spider Man... Marvel revealed that Parker will die, and the role of Spider-Man will be taken over by his archenemy, Doctor Octopus, after "Amazing Spider-Man" #700. This chapter marks the end of one of the most popular comic book series of all time after 50 years, and Parker's death is not sitting well with some fans. All parties involved maintain that the changes are permanent, and next month, the saga begins anew with the release of "The Superior Spider-Man" #1. Doc, Otto Octavius, will step into the Spidey suit then. Otto believes that with the combination of his intelligence and Parker's inherited memories and spider powers, he can be an uber-Spider-Man. He can live Parker's life better than Peter could - from fighting crime to getting back together with on-again, off-again girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. When issue #700 was leaked early, fan reaction went into overdrive, with a few posted death threats directed at the issue's writer, Dan Slott.
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