jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Government Police In Manama Bahrian Killed Citizens with Tear Gas & Smoke Bombs

This is what our United Nations is doing around the world! Paying off governments. Making them corrupt! Buying them into the corrupt United Nations and murdering citizens across the world to cancel all country's laws and make the UN the world power! The new world order under one government! Who got there by stealing Americans taxes! Murdering citizens everywhere they go! While lying to America through payed off politicians. All b of greed and power. They want to control the world! So far they are actually doing it without anyone stopping them! America and the world must resist! Iran and all wars over seas are false wars started by our 9/11 staged attack where bush administration stole 2.3 trillion dollars blew up the pentagon trade towers and airplanes to make billions on the stock market crash and to start a war to make more money! Plus they stole 2.3 trillion dollars! They stole our money and are paying people of to rule the world! This isn't a joke!
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